Apostle Corletta J. Vaughn answered the call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1974 and
was                                                                    ordained in the Baptist church in 1980.  Since the initial call, God has used her life and
ministry to serve                                                              a death blow to the kingdom of darkness.  With a burden to harvest the souls that yet
remain in the
                                                fields waiting for their salvation to appear, she has become a highly respected and sought
after                                                                             conference speaker, mentor and prophetic voice to the Body of   Christ across the

Apostle Vaughn has an extensive scholastic background which includes Medical, Musical, Theological and Educational doctorates,
degrees and certificates.   She received the Doctorate Degree of Theology and Practical Ministry in November of 1991 - conferred by
Christ for the National Institute and Oral Roberts University.  An advocate for continuing education, Apostle Vaughn promotes higher
learning and encourages all to take advantage of every opportunity to attain knowledge and expand resources.  She is currently
President of The Kingdom and Faith Bible College, a four year institution specializing in equipping and training leaders to produce
present day disciples for the work of the ministry.

Since 1986, Apostle Vaughn has served as Senior Pastor of the Holy Spirit Cathedral of Faith located in Detroit, Michigan, where she
has poured herself into the lives of the leadership.  Through the uncompromised teaching of the Word, she has provoked membership
to develop an authentic and matured relationship with the Lord.  

In November 1995 in Benin City, Nigeria, Apostle Vaughn was consecrated as Bishop and appointed to serve The International
Communion of Charismatic Churches as a member of the College of Bishops.  She also serves as the Jurisdiction Prelate of the
United States for Idahosa World Outreach.  

Apostle Vaughn's training and spiritual foundation was cultivated by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission
in Benin City, Nigeria, who fully embraced her ministry and provoked her into her destiny.  He was a Father and mentor, transferring his
spirit and the mantle of his Apostolic ministry upon her.   Because of his life, she has ministered in countries that are hungry for the
Gospel of Christ: Zaire, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Venezuela, Ireland, Nigeria, Brazil, Australia and others.  Pastor John A. Cherry of From
The Heart Church Ministries in Temple Hills, Maryland has been Bishop Vaughn's spiritual voice of authority for the past 20 years,
providing wisdom, guidance and Pastoral support.

These pioneers played a profound role as they have poured into her life to birth and release this oracle of God to the world.  The
Apostolic mantle on Apostle Vaughn's life is quite apparent with her demonstrated ability to travel across the country and establish order
with precise discernment.  Extremely prominent in the gifts of administration and prophecy, Apostle Vaughn hears clearly by the Spirit to
articulate the mind of God.  Renowned for her unique ability to tactfully and realistically convey absolute truth to a generation that seeks
such, she freely shares God's thoughts so that the world may come to encounter and develop a personal relationship with the True and
Living God.

Apostle Vaughn is among the great company of last-day Apostles, sounding the trumpet of reformation, redemption and the
demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost to fulfill the mandate of "Knowing God and Making Him Known".  In addition to carrying and
preaching the glorious Gospel, Apostle Vaughn readily uses her many gifts and skills - including vocal and instrumental fluency in
worship,  fashion and interior designing, graphic designing, entrepreneurial proclivity, and being an incomparable host while deeply
imparting into the lives of those that labor in the gospel.  Her genuine love for people is easily perceived as her heart radiates care and
compassion that compels and transforms lives with the power of God.

Apostle Vaughn currently resides in Edenton, North Carolina and has a multitude of men, women, boys and girls in the faith that support
and tenderly embrace her as a God-sent Spiritual Mother.  She is the wife of Dr. Gilbert Vaughn and they have four exceptional children -
Shannon, Apprille, Stephen &