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Dr.  Corletta J. Vaughn | Presiding Prelate

Dr. Corletta Vaughn| Presiding Prelate


Welcome to GTIMW

Go Tell It Ministries Worldwide, Inc. serves as a resource for global evangelism, church planting, leadership development, mentoring, and Holy Ghost demonstrations that exalt Jesus Christ as Lord.

Our Vision

To set people free from religious bondage and limitations by connecting callings, gifts, and talents from every walk of life on every continent of the world.


"I just purchased your cd and was blessed by the anointing it carries as we were all ushered into the presence of the Lord.  Each cut was simply wonderful.   We need this level of ministry, Bishop Vaughn.   I would love to learn more about your organization.  It could be so that the Lord used you on TBN for me along with countless others."

-  Minister D. Robinson, Virginia


Church Oversight

Every community needs a local 
church that will offer hope and empowerment including:     

- Church Planting                 
- Community Development
- Corporations
- Adult Learning & Education
- On The Job Training
- Skills & Trade Development
- Grant Writing
- Youth Programs                          

Resources & Strategies

- Leadership Development
- Music Publishing & Recording
- Internet Access (Web Design)  
- Liturgical & Sacramental Services
- Church Renovations, Building
- Arts (Drama & Dance)
- Purchases, Housing

Preparing & Equipping 

The Kingdom & Faith Bible College 

- 2 year diploma of practical 
- 4 year program Bachelors of Religious Education
- Teacher Certification for Bible Institutes & School of Ministry
"Those Preaching Women"
- A mobile College experience to provide equipping for women 
already serving in full-time ministry.

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