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Detroit, MI October 5-7, 2018 


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This MASTERCLASS 2 Day Event is for women who are serious about Owning the Call of God on their lives. Friday night opens with a beautiful meet-n-greet of extraordinary women from all over the world and Saturday begins early with classes taught by the best in ministry and scholarship. The Personal connectivity will be EVERYTHING! Three segments of 2.5 Hours throughout the day and students will chose from 3 main catergories of instruction.




TH110 The Holy Spirit Today

This course analyzes the biblical concepts and principles of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology). It examines the gifts of the Holy Spirit and indicates how contemporary Christians may personally relate to them. This course will examine the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation and now, in the Church. Command the Oil a mandate of TPW. Dr. Corletta Vaughn


TH103 Practical Theology

Signs, healing, wonders and miracles with the other Gifts of the Holy Spirit should be a normative in ministry today.  A look at spiritual warfare, prayer, faith, healing and deliverance with proper use of oil and laying on of hands. Dr. Gwendolyn Young


CE105 Ascension Gifts: Definition and Order

A thorough examination of the gifts of the church, their ministry function, identifications signs and the seasons of their usage will be examined and the OIL assigned to each gift and how to flow properly.  


PS 104 Introduction to Worship

Examines corporate and private worship in the Bible, the essence of relationship in worship, overcoming barriers that hinder worship, and personally establishing worship as a lifestyle. Emphasis on developing the spiritual character of the leader and members of worship ministry teams; personal intimacy with God. Ruth Sinclair


PS 475 Planning and Administering the Worship Service

How to design and plan worship services, relate songs musically and spiritually, develop different venues to drive home a spiritual theme, and practically produce the details of the service; how to evaluate worship services both before and after; how to balance needs of the long-time church members and the new person. Ruth Sinclair 

FS101 Spiritual Life

Attention is given to the essential elements of maintaining personal spiritual growth to include the disciplines of our faith; prayer, fasting, worship, consecration and purification.  This class is serious for all future use by God.

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